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Since 1985, we've worked diligently to meet our region's diverse legal needs. We have carefully crafted our model so that lawyers from one practice area work closely with lawyers from other areas to provide diverse counsel for our clients. But our depth of experience goes beyond just practice areas: we build teams that bring specific capabilities together to achieve success for our clients in cost-effective ways. 

To us, practicing law is both an art and a profession. We work efficiently while providing exceptional value for our clients. 

Attention to detail, clients, and keeping costs fair is what you'll find at Workland & Witherspoon. We practice with integrity, honesty and a standard of ethics that translate to excellence and distinction. Come find out what it means to work with Workland & Witherspoon.


Practice Areas

» Business and Commercial Law

» Creditor Law

» Family Law

» Health Care Law

» Labor and Employment

» Litigation and Appellate

» Personal Injury

» Property

» Taxation

» Estate Planning and Probate

» Franchise Law


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